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Research Lead

Dr. Marina Wimmer is an Associate Professor in Psychology at Edinburgh Napier University.

Her research expertise lies in children’s cognitive development including perception and conception of visual ambiguities, mental imagery, and false memories. She spends most of her spare time with her two children.


Dr Lindsey Carruthers is a Lecturer in Psychology at Edinburgh Napier University. Her research expertise is in cognitive psychology, specifically the areas of creativity, incubation, attention, and ADHD. She is also supervising research on creativity and STEM in the classroom, as well as teachers’ perceptions of dyslexia.


Dr Barbara Piotrowska is a Lecturer in Psychology at Edinburgh Napier University. Her primary research area is developmental dyslexia. She investigates early risk indicators of dyslexia in primary school settings. She looks at a range of cognitive, phonological and sensorimotor tasks and their predictive potential. She has also investigated visual aspects of dyslexia by looking at low- and high-level visual processes. Recently, she has extended her research into the role of primary school teachers and exploring their accuracy of dyslexia risk judgements drawing on decision making science as well as into the implications of neurodiversity in work environment.


Dr Nina Fisher is an associate lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University. Her research expertise is in Music Psychology and Psycholinguistics. Nina’s research focuses on the benefits of musical activity on executive functioning, and turn-taking during music playing and during conversation. In 2019, her team developed a play and a website full of resources for care-givers and teachers showcasing how music may be used to enhance children’s turn-taking abilities. For more information, please see here:

Reseach Assistant

Emily Spencer is a Research Assistant at Edinburgh Napier University. After graduating from the university in 2019, she has worked on various research projects focusing on the link between socio – economic factors and childrens cognitive development.

Research Assistant

Theresa Jung is a Research Assistant at Edinburgh Napier University. Since graduating from Edinburgh Napier in 2020, she worked on a few projects investigating children’s cognitive development as well as sibling abuse. She now also pursues a Master at the University of Glasgow to further develop her research skills.

PhD Student

Ted Webster began his research at Edinburgh Napier University in 2021, moving to Scotland from the United States. Previously, he has done research in animal behaviour for his undergraduate at The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Minnesota USA, where he got his BA in Biology and Psychology.

His research at Edinburgh Napier is on false memories and fake news. In particular, he is looking into the effect of bias, timing, and trust on the correction of false memories for fake news articles. This research is important for the current state of social media and news reporting, and will hopefully contribute to the understanding of effective fact-checking behaviour. 

PhD student

Raised in Aberdeen, Muna Ali moved to Edinburgh to pursue a degree in Psychology at Edinburgh Napier University. She realised through her degree and from her undergraduate dissertation that her true passion was research. She is now going into her second year of her PhD studying a topic called “Malevolent Creativity” where she researches creativity with intention to cause harm. Through her PhD so far, she realised that she also really wanted to immerse herself in the research world and thoroughly engross herself in the community which is something she actively tries to encourage through my time here at the university through her position as student representative and teaching.